ZOOM Meeting – Safety Guide

Your Guide to Zoom Safety

Over the last couple of weeks, there’s been a big scramble across the world to learn and use video conferencing.

If you can’t speak face to face the next best thing is a video call.

Most people’s first port of call in business is usually Zoom because it’s easy to use – just press a button and you can start talking.

It’s as simple as that ………but actually it’s not.

As with all things online unless you protect yourself someone – somewhere could hack into your calls and cause mayhem.

Don’t forget that even the Pentagon has been hacked.

The thing about Zoom and most video conferencing software is that most people use it “ as is “ without bothering to dive into the settings.

That’s why there have been a number of reports online about Zoom calls getting hacked with some very unpleasant material being shared.

However, if you dive into the Zoom settings there are lots of robust ways to ensure your meetings are secure.

Your guide to Zoom Safety

🔹Take the time to understand your Zoom settings before launching a meeting.
🔹Every time you set up a meeting use the scheduled meeting option to create a unique URL.
🔹Make sure every meeting is password protected
🔹Insist your callers register for the call in advance
🔹 Switch on end to end encryption
🔹 Lock the meeting once everyone has arrived
🔹 Change your screen sharing to Host only
🔹Create a “Waiting Room” so people can’t join the meeting before the host. This will allow you to admit people to the meeting one at a time
🔹Disable File Transfer so people can’t introduce anything untoward into your meeting
🔹Use the “Allowed Removed Participants to Rejoin” setting so anyone who has been removed from the meeting can’t rejoin.
🔹In chat disable the facility for people to message people individually
🔹If you have the setting Stream to FB set to on – you need to check that you haven’t enabled Stream to YouTube – because your video will not be secure.
🔹Never share your meeting URL or your personal meeting room URL in a public space on social media
🔹Turn on the User Authentification setting
🔹Nominate a Co-Host to moderate the meeting while you do the presentation

It sounds complicated but actually once you are really familiar with depth of this software – and what it can offer to your business – these security settings will become second nature.

If you want to find out more and really understand how Zoom and Zoom Safety can work for your business I run a weekly workshop.
It’s £19 and the next session is on April 7 at 2.30pm.

Course Details

🔹Introduction to Zoom – how it works and the difference between a paid account and a free account.
🔹How to set up a call and issue invitations.
🔹Understanding the call settings. What you need to know about scheduled meetings and your meeting room.
🔹How to run a call – understanding the interface settings.
🔹How to prepare for a call – your office/studio/classroom and virtual office preparing presentations/links.
🔹Sharing your screen to run a presentation
🔹Sharing your iPad/iPhone screen
🔹Chat – how it works
🔹Giving other people the chair and opportunity to share their screens
🔹Recording calls and what to do with the recordings. Should you record to desktop or Zoom? What this means for your hard drive.
🔹Downloading your recordings for re-use

Plus: Everyone will be given the opportunity to chair the meeting and really understand the tools.
It will also be recorded for those who can’t make the call so it can be watched on replay.

To sign up: Click HERE

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