Your voice – is the key to better writing The Key to finding Your Voice.

It’s the key to better communication and marketing but for many people finding their voice is the big stumbling block.

What is it about writing? All of us seem to have lurking insecurities about what we write.

Whether it’s a childhood terror of the teacher’s red pen or in my case as a junior reporter being publicly screamed at and humiliated by sub-editors on deadline.

That’s why even after decades as a journalist and newspaper and magazine editor I can still find myself being sucked in by courses on how to write.

Also – and it’s the same with many creatives I know – I can’t look at my work in print as all I see are faults.

The thing is there’s a world of difference between the technicalities of the written word and prose that’s joyous, beautiful and speaks to the soul.

Style and Personality

If you want to write, if you want to make videos, and even if you want to be a photographer you have to inject your personality or style.
Without it – no matter what course you have been on – your social media posts, blogs, videos or even books are going to be bland and boring.
Your voice – communicates passion, energy, commitment, authenticity it’s effervescent and infectious and will draw people to you like a magnet.
People will read and not even be aware that they have been reading.
Your voice is about understanding the rules, the grammar and technical aspects but using them as tools rather than an alphabet of how to get from one end of a sales page to the other.

The Key to finding Your Voice.

Creatively connect with something you love.
When I trained and mentored trainee journalists all of whom were brilliant young people many of them struggled at first to inject personality into their copy.
I’d ask them about their hobbies or interests and get them to talk to me about it and then I’d get them to write about what they just told me.
This would lift the standard of their work to a new level which would quickly spill over into everything else.
For me, it’s about listening to what’s at the still centre.
The key is to communicate.

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