This might hurt and go against everything all the social media gurus might recommend.

Content creation alone is not enough.

Your videos, your blogs, your podcasts, your graphics or photographs – no matter how brilliant are in themselves absolutely worthless.

Content won’t earn you penny, make your business grow or even bring you fame and fortune without one magic ingredient.

The worlds of art and literature are littered with geniuses who were unseen, ignored or largely unrecognised in their lifetimes.

Van Gogh, Franz Kafka, Vermeer, John Keats ….. the list goes on.

More recently there was also the incredible American street photographer Vivian Maier who spent her working life as a nanny.

But in 2007 when her body of work was published for the world she posthumously went viral and was  the subject of an Oscar-nominated documentary.

All these people were exceptional creatives – but what they didn’t have for one reason or the other was visibility.

Visibility – the Magic Ingredient

Without visibility, there is no audience, there are no customers, sponsors or brands knocking on your door asking for your creative expertise.

Now we’ll never know how recognition, fame and fortune might have changed the fortunes of Van Gogh, Vermeer et al …… but let history be a content lesson.

In other words, staying hidden behind your website or your shopfront or tucked away in your spare bedroom isn’t going to generate new audiences.

You have to get out there – publish your content and make sure people know what your content is all about.

This means being:

  • On point with your messaging
  • Informing your customers what your content is about – it’s not enough to say – here’s my latest podcast/YouTube video. 
  • Being consistent, being seen.
  • Sending those emails
  • Writing those newsletters
  • Creating the background business systems
  • Making those videos
  • Putting imposter syndrome aside and being brave. 

Visibility also means being prepared to show your face and be seen not just in person at events but online too.


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