Whatever’s happening to TikTok?

Will it be banned and of so what happens then?

Could it be going down the same route as Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Ulysses and Brave New World in being banned?

And if US legislators kick it into touch, for the 150 million American users on the platform, could the UK and Europe follow suit?
Already TikTok is no longer allowed on government phones in the UK, US, Canada and the European Union.
This week France is taking this one step further – banning all recreational apps on work phones for public officials – because as we all know TikTok isn’t the only social media app to collect data!
Remember those allegations of hostile interference in the US presidential elections in 2016, the Brexit vote? Seemingly achieved by the manipulation of social media algorithms and advertising.

What does this mean for your business?

If you live in the UK or Europe and use TikTok for business where does this leave you?
Clearly it depends where your customers are – if you don’t have an American market for your goods/services it probably won’t make a short term difference.
But it underlines the need for every business to be:
  •  Present on more than one platform
  •  Have robust systems in place for saving and repurposing videos
  •  Having and growing your email list because you don’t own your followers.

If the worst happens and TikTok disappears or fades away where do you go?

Logically you might say people will gravitate to Meta – Facebook, Instagram and What’s App.
But angry TikTok users are actually mounting a campaign to boycott all of its products during April claiming that Facebook has been involved in discrediting TikTok.
And in fact the Washington Post reported a Republican consultancy,T argeted Victory, has been paid by Meta to undermine TikTok through a nationwide media and lobbying campaign.
Which leaves YouTube – which has invested $100 million in its one minutes Shorts feature and introduced a monetisation scheme for creators.
All it would need to do is to increase its time limit to three minutes and it could become an even more attractive option.
Of course there are other platforms – the age restricted Clapper is one alternative but it’s very basic and glitchy right now, the moderation isn’t as tight as TikTok.
It also has a reputation for attracting free speech and far right supporters although that may change if TikTok users are forced elsewhere.
There are other apps too – Playsee for instance which is more of a location tourist app and what about Snap Chat?

Are you on YouTube?

Although it’s been around for ever many people either don’t have a YouTube account at all or if they have there’s it’s not been set up as a business channel.

That’s why I have created a YouTube Essentials Mini Course which covers everything you need to know to succeed on YouTube, from setting up your channel to video marketing strategies.
This affordable, standalone course is designed specifically for tech-shy business owners in midlife.
It aims to help you break through the tech barrier and turn YouTube into an essential tool for your business.
What You’ll Learn in YouTube Essentials:
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🔹Customising your channel to reflect your brand
🔹Navigating YouTube Studio
🔹Creating and Posting Videos
🔹Uploading and scheduling videos
🔹Writing effective video titles and descriptions
🔹Choosing the right tags and categories
I🔹ntroduction to YouTube Shorts
🔹Understanding YouTube Shorts and their benefits
🔹Creating engaging Shorts for your audience
🔹Best practices for posting Shorts
🔹Basics of Optimisation and Video Content Research
🔹Optimising your videos for search and discovery
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