My kitten’s earning power is worth double that of mine – a trained, experienced editor and journalist.
Storm has just become a “Content Creator” with a $250 brand deal for a 30-second smartphone video for an upmarket cat food brand.
Yet, according to 2022 Press Gazette figures, if I were to source, research, write, and then pitch to the nationals, I’d be paid £120/£130 for a page lead in the Daily Mirror or £117 in The Times.
Interestingly, the brand has specified it is, “Looking for a lower production quality, in fitting with the natural feeling delivery style – how UGC all started, basically! Like chatting to a friend in front of the camera, not too salesy.”
In other words, something that looks authentic rather than a slick, soft-focus advert, created with a production team and eye-wateringly expensive kit.
The video will run natively on TikTok but also be used for whitelisted adverts on Facebook and Instagram.
What’s this got to do with you and your business?
Firstly, the fact that this brand is looking for low production values shows that if you are a small business owner, just making smartphone video and showing up is enough.
People are fed up with slick marketing and being obviously sold to.
They are also wary of AI vs reality and want honesty and integrity, hence why raw video and live video should be an important part of your content strategy.
Times change – but a salutary moment when you realise a quick piece to camera with a furry creature in shot pays more than a lifetime of professional experience and responsibility!
"Portrait of the author, a seasoned journalist, holding Storm, a black smoke Siberian Forest cat kitten, symbolizing the shift in content creation value."

“Meet Storm, my Siberian Forest cat kitten, proving that in today’s digital age, even the smallest creators can make a big impact.”


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