The Square Dilemma – How to Post Landscape Video to Instagram

Video is moving rapidly – which means that when you edit video it needs to be platform specific.
Square video rules on your Instagram profile – but what if you have shot in landscape and edited it in landscape?
It shouldn’t be too much of a problem if you don’t have titles/captions you can either use an app that compresses your video to square like Vont (iOS and Android) or just allow the default crop that occurs when you load to IG.
If you have added titles to your landscape video Crop Video Square Editor (iOS) allows you to upload your video to a square format but will play your video as landscape (see below) in a sort of letterbox.
Or you can use the Instagram default (see the pink arrow) to compress your video to landscape. It does mean that your video will be cropped on your profile but it will play as you created it.
Phone apps that will allow you to edit your video in square format.
  1. Kinemaster (for iOS and Android)
  2. PowerDirector
  3. Luma Fusion (steep learning curve)
  4. Adobe Premier Rush.
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