You know the scenario you have a business competitor and they occupy your brain space.

Someone out there in digital land that winds you up.
They probably don’t even know you exist – but you are eyeing them as a rival because they operate in the same or a similar niche.
You start to watch their every move and mentally measure your success against them.
Gradually negative energy builds up.
Woe betides, that they should dare to edge ahead of you in terms of followers or likes and if they do you might even start to become slightly obsessed.

But …you are not alone

Crazy talk, you might think but I have flirted with the green-eyed monster. Recently I have had three separate conversations with clients who mentioned they too have a lurking “nemesis”.

The thing is when you love what you do, you’re passionate about making a difference and you feel yours is the best solution.  

Looking down the, “Why them and not me?” tunnel though obscures all sorts of things.

  • Like that we all have different experiences and skills
  • Our niches might broadly be the same but are not totally aligned
  • Potential customers might choose to work with you and not them
Earlier this year I organised a Video and Visibility summit and had to reach out to and talk to experts and international business owners within my niche and it was a big eye-opener.
Firstly online personas don’t always accurately reflect the individual. Headshots – even professionally shot ones – don’t always reflect who someone is.
It was really great to be able to talk and share experiences with people who might in another life be colleagues sitting in the same office doing the same or a similar job.
We are all unique and as “experts” we could all learn from each other so we can all improve our customer experiences.
So here’s a thought – instead of stewing – why not reach out to that someone and start a conversation.
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