Micro Content Mastery – a new tool for business

Micro content – might seem like a new concept but it’s rapidly becoming an essential audience attraction tool.

Just think, how many times do you say, “I DON”T HAVE THE TIME”?

You might say it to your children, your loved one and even your friends.

You know you might even say it to yourself – despite the negative impact that it could have for your health, happiness and relationships.

But what consequences does lack of time have for your business though?

Maybe you have one of those to-do lists that are as long as your arm which grows exponentially no matter how hard you work.
Perhaps writing all those emails, doing all that scheduling, creating blogs and podcasts etc is a treadmill that keeps you well and truly stuck in the groove.
Does this sound familiar?

So let me spin this on its head.

Your customers, your potential audience out there, the new people who need what you do, who are the reason you are in business are very likely to be in just the same boat.

They don’t have time either.
Which means your lovingly crafted blogs or emails will go unread, they won’t watch your live videos or listen to your podcasts.
They will just scroll on by.

UNLESS you stop them in their tracks with Micro Content

Easier said than done – you might say – but actually that’s when you need to use Micro Content.
In other words high impact content that is:
  •  compelling
  • short
  • easy to understand
  •  consumable
…. or in real terms – short form video and messaging with photography and graphics designed to appeal to your target market.
It also makes use of algorithm friendly Stories on Facebook and Instagram and Reels on Instagram.
Want to know more? I am running a new course which will show you just how to get ahead with micro content – before your competitors do.
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