Why Your Stories Matter

Tell your story – they say.
It’s the most powerful way for people to engage with your content.But I have a confession to make ……. until this week I didn’t have a clue about my own story.
That’s some admission coming from a journalist who has spent her life on a mission to uncover unheard stories for newspapers and magazines.
Of course there are stories ……

  • Like the one about me falling off a mountain in Nepal.
  • Or – spending three days making an Ottolenghi jelly.
  • Or turning up to interview one of the most feared political interrogators in British broadcasting having spent the previous day doing research (just in case) to find him topless in the sun.

But beyond these social media soundbites ….. I couldn’t see my “story” maybe because I was just too close to it.
Then this week I got called out twice by powerful business women who told me in no uncertain terms that I do have a story to tell and was totally gobsmacked to hear that one of them actually uses it to inspire her coaching clients.
The scales fell from my eyes …….

And what’s this got to do with your business, your content and video?

Well first stories are way more interesting and memorable than other forms of content because they connect emotionally. More so also if you are a powerful raconteur with a magnetic screen presence.
But the thing that really communicates is the ability to show the story and take your viewers on a visual voyage so they can see with their own eyes.
If you want to elevate your video making beyond a single piece to camera contact me – I regularly run video training courses focused on storytelling.

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