How do you improve your online presence on video and up level the impact of your videos?

Video has taken over the world and by now you will be aware that some people just seem to have a magnetic presence on camera.

They can “perform” whether they are doing an impromptu live on Facebook/ instagram or they are in a studio set up  – while others, despite a script perfect just so presentation, can just be flat and boring.

And with a lot of video out there – grabbing some of that energetic magnetic sparkle  is obviously what we as business owners need to aim for.

Now you might imagine that this is going to be another “How To” about lighting, background, your message or what you are wearing.

Or you might think this is going to be about all singing or all dancing flashy animations, sliding titles, graphics etc.

But actually you can get all these things right and still have a video that’s – well a bit boring.

Bringing the Right Kind of Energy to your Videos

The thing is it’s the energy you bring to your videos that you need to factor in.

As I have said many times before people buy people and it’s the passion which you communicate your message that makes a difference.

Video reveals so much more than words on a page, or even words on your script because there’s all that non-verbal communcation that says so much too.

Things like intonation, pauses, glances and gestures – all these things make a massive difference – and depending on how they are used can actually alter you whole message.

People can tell if you are being too stiff and controlled in your video because you are seeking a perfect “presenter” performance.

They can tell if you are nervous – talking too quickly – a desire to rush through what you want to say and get off screen as quickly as possible.

They can even spot insincerity.

Going Live Tips

And of course going live can be nerve wracking especially if you have one of those dangerous perfectionist sub-scripts running in your consciousness.

So on live videos give yourself licence to make mistakes, if you are just starting out streaming on Facebook or Instagram  tell people this is your first video or whatever, if something goes wrong don’t get distracted keep going.

People accept that live video is unpredicatable and that things can happen.

So how do you gather in your energy and communicate it.

Don’t allow yourself to be distracted.

If you are doing a recorded video try to keep interruptions, emails, phone calls at bay by recording before the day starts.

Immerse yourself in your message and feel it with your heart so that when you come to push that record button your are “in flow” rather than just doing something parrot fashion.

Imagine you are trying to inspire one single client that has so much to offer but has just not been able to make that leap forward.

But there are days when things do genuinely throw you off your stride – bad news – circumstances  and in these cases try stepping away from recording for a few minutes, go outside, get some fresh air or one of the things that works a treat for me is doing a handstand.



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