Instagram is about to undergo a major overhaul.

According to its boss Adam Mosseri “It’s no longer going to be a picture-sharing app.”

He says it’s going to be a video first app

As a video trainer, I should be putting out the flags – but a word of caution, in 2016 Mark Zuckerberg said that in five years (2021) Facebook would be mostly video……

The reality is somewhat different – hence the reason for the written post.

Mosseri’s announcement, however, seems to have been greeted with a mixture of fear and anger in so many business Facebook groups I have visited in the last few days.

But social video on Instagram is already booming – witness the amazing reach and engagement that Reels have brought.

And if you are using the platform to its full potential you should also be using IGTV, Instagram Live, video in stories and only last week I posted about using video in carousels.

The real reason for the outrage – I suspect – is that making video – even social video – is seen as taking up too much time and involving too much creative input.

It’s not as convenient as bundling your content into a scheduling app once a week/month and hoping for the best.

After all, it’s well known that social media rewards original content but so many people follow a cookie-cutter approach because that’s what is easiest.

But really, change and video doesn’t have to be threatening.

You just have to see the opportunities, respond to the zeitgeist and be prepared to adapt your strategy to fit with the new rules.

It’s well known that Instagram seems to promote posts that use its new features – Mosseri says that most people go to the platform to be entertained.


Take a video clip I posted this for instance about a curious pug photobombing my arty garden shot – in 12 hours on Instagram it has had a reach of more than 4,000 and 130 likes.

All I did was add some trending music and a caption.

Mosseri has also said that when the changes happen content will be shown to more people who aren’t friends – what an opportunity to further boost your business visibility.

Over on Tiktok – a platform I have been recommending all my clients to at least stake a presence – the opportunities right now are even greater.

There aren’t so many businesses there but the number of older people on there is growing – so if you can present your content in an interesting and unusual way there’s a chance for greater visibility.

I have been dabbling but with only 100+ followers I have just secured a deal with a big app who wants to use my videos in an advertising campaign.

Of course, as a video trainer and journalist, I believe we should all have the skillset to make video for any platform, in any aspect ratio and style. 

To do that you need a basic grounding in shooting and editing video so that when you go into a new app you can out better quality content from the off.

If you want to know how I’m always happy to chat.

Or if you want to understand and boost your video presence on Instagram now I am running a webinar workshop on Thursday July 15th at 6pm to help you fully understand all the ways you can boost your video presence before the changes begin.

Email me for more details.I


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