First impressions count so knowing how to improve your live videos in 2021 could be a key to growing your business.

And just take a moment to think how much live video you might be using – streams on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.
Has video conferencing on Zoom or other platforms become part of your working day?
Are you creating video content for your online classes? and are you teaching live?
Are you a speaker, a coach teaching live classes
If so – have you noticed that some people’s “live video” streams have had a massive makeover?
They look as if they are coming from a custom-made studio, rather than a spare room or kitchen table.
And have you wondered how they did it?

Livestream Studio Workshop

If so read on…. as I’m launching a new workshop Livestream Studio which will help you take your Facebook/YouTube Lives and your online classes to the next level.
It’s around five years now since live video became a thing.
At the start it was a bit rough and ready, a comfy chat in a living room or home office often with the flotsam and jetsam of daily life on display.
But so much has changed.
In the digital world times change fast and with increasing frequency and now most people have learned the basics of live video – lighting, audio and how to keep the background tidy.
So many people have also conquered their personal fears of going live too – albeit that some are still more enthusiastic than others.

Live Video has changed

What’s changed in the last 12 months though is that there’s now easy to use and affordable software that can take your live video not just to the next level but way beyond anything we might have dreamed of at the start.
Professional businesses need professional tools.
That’s why I have set up Livestream Studio – a  workshop to show you how to up-level your live videos – so that your business looks, feels and reflects your brand and professional status.
We will look at three easy streaming options suitable for Mac or PC, and how to use them so that they can make your business stand out by using your brand colours, custom fonts etc.
Plus we’ll also look at how you can arrange content to make your lives feel more like a show or an event.
What we will cover is:
  • Choosing your live streaming software
  • Customise your Zoom meetings
  • Introducing a second camera
  • How to use a green screen for bespoke backdrops
  • Creating custom backgrounds with Canva
  • Branding your streams
  • Lighting and audio
  • Inviting guests
  • Screensharing
  • Linking your meetings to Facebook/YouTube
  • Multi – streaming to different platforms at the same time
The workshop will run for 90 minutes and will include a recording and access to resources and materials used during the call.
The first Livestream Studio is at 2pm on March 22 and is £47.


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