How To Convert Your Blogs To Video

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From blogging to vlogging
Video is the way to get noticed these days – even it seems if you are a blogger.
So once again social media has sent us another skill to learn ,which means that if you are writer or a business blogger you might need to do a quick about turn to convert your most successful blogs to vlogs.
However video isn’t quite as simple as putting one word after another and unless you are under the age 25 isn’t likely to be something that you came across in school.
But if the video learning curve isn’t one that you care to take on – how do you re-purpose your best blogs as video?
You might wonder why I am going down this route because Master the Digital Maze promotes original video content  created quickly and efficiently with a smartphone.
Video Made Easy
Well, I believe in helping business owners finding video solutions that work for them and if writing is your first and only love and fiddling with tech isn’t, then an alternative solution is needed.
That’s how I came across the free version of  Lumen5 and used it to create the video seen here from one of my blog posts – Five Ways to Make Better Video for Your Business.
How Easy It?
Remarkably easy, you take the link from one your posts press a button and hey presto – a clever algorithm creates a slideshow using your titles and best sentences and matches them with images.
There’s an option to format your video according to the platform you are going to post it to – either landscape, square or vertical which is absolutely vital as video comes in all shapes and sizes these days.
It even lifts you logo and creates a nice little outro for the end of the video.
Of course, it’s now down to you to do the edit – you may want to change the words and you may want to change the style/look of the video – there are 12 options.
You can also change the pictures on the slides by either uploading pictures of your own or using the free picture resources.
Now this took me about 20 minutes and the software crashed once and then I had to repeat the process.
You can also add copyright music from a range of options, press a button and like magic your video is up and can be posted within an hour.
Should you upgrade?
The free option allows you to export in low resolution – which will allow you to post to social media and allows for fast loading on social media platforms.
For something that was free it did the job but if you want to export in High Resolution (much preferred in my opinion) and import your watermark and music and make it fully customised you are going to have to pay – either $49 or $99 dollars a month, which actually is quite expensive.
There are other apps and pieces of software that will allow you to make high-resolution slideshow videos for a small fraction of the price – of course, you will need to learn a bit about using an app or easy video editing but it depends on what is more convenient to you.
If you want to keep up to date with the fast-changing world of video check out my Facebook Group – Every Business Needs Video.
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