How to grow your business with TikTok.

Testimonial for TikTok 1000 for Midlife from Dyslexia specialist Jo Rees.


Hi, my name is Jo and I’m a specialist teacher and assessor of dyslexia and I run a  company called Another Way Around Dyslexia Support. And I wanted to hop on and tell you my experiences of completing, Anne’s amazing video course TikTok 1000 For Midlife.

Now, Anne hasn’t actually asked me to do this testimonial, but I just wanted to share my experiences with you. And the reason for that is becaus TikTok has completely transformed my business in the last six months.

So I’ve actually been working with Anne for a little while she’s been a friend and a colleague and somebody I have networked with, although we’ve never actually met face to face.

And she had edited videos for me before and I’d supported her with different things. And we’d worked together.

When she launched the TikTok course initially back last November, I signed up and was really unsure. And these are my reasons why I was unsure.

So I’m actually I’m early 40s but I have got three children. And obviously, TikTok is the main platform that they use. So when I think of TikTok, I think of young people I’ve got before kids that perform, so they do all of the dance videos, they do the trends, and I just couldn’t get my head around how I could use TikTok to support my business.

Well, slowly, but surely, I worked through Anne’s course, and kind of spent some time looking through the For You page. So I did the TikTok course. And I also joined her membership. And slowly but surely through kind of working with other people that were doing the course working with her encouragement, I managed to get my head around how I could use perhaps some of the trends and how I could use TikTok for my business.

And kind of the start of February, I had a video that I’m not sure if you could class it going as viral or not. But it had quite a few 1000 views quite quickly. And I went from having 179 followers to over 1000 followers in a weekend. Now six months later, I’ve just hit 25k followers. And I’m slowly but surely building my account up kind of building my confidence, I continue to use and expertise and knowledge to help me kind of get my head around different things.

But yeah, slowly, but surely, it’s kind of really helped me build my business. Off the back of TikTok, I’ve managed to launch a parent membership. So I can support people all over the UK, not just in my local area. I also now regularly go and assess off island (Isle of Wight) in kind of clusters. In a few weeks time I’m going to do some dyslexia assessments in Essex, because I’ve managed to get several in the same area, which is really great.

So TikTok, for sure has kind of helped me get my business and my message out there. And what’s quite funny is initially, the kids were a bit kind of embarrassed I didn’t actually tell them that I was on it. And then I came up in one of the kids FYP pages and they were like, Mom, you’re on TikTok Do you really have to do this. And now they actually think I’m quite cool because I’ve got more followers than they’ve got,

I think the really important thing to understand is that TikTokis a really fast-growing platform. I’ve seen myself loads of people in the six months that I’ve probably been on it and moved over from Instagram to TikTok, you can build a following really, really, really quickly. And even if your videos aren’t having, like masses and masses of use, or the main bulk of my videos, even though I’ve had a couple that have gone viral and I’ve got 25k followers, the main bulk of my videos really only have between one and 3000 views, but the engagement is really good.

And the positive thing is, is that it goes to a cold audience every time. The other thing that is really brilliant about TikTok is I’m really not great with technology. And I’ve always worried with video that I’ve needed to have loads of equipment and be really skilled at editing.

And the thing with TikTok is is you really don’t need to have any equipment or any stuff. In actual fact, it’s quite often the most amateur-looking videos and the ones where I’ve got no makeup on and literally, it’s just ad hoc in the car was waiting for the kids. Those are the ones that quite often actually have the most views because you’re just in flow when it’s that Bish Bash Bosh video that can kind of be the one that can really make a difference.

So if you kind of lack confidence if you feel like panic because you can see people moving over to TikTok and you’re kind of not sure how to do it. I would 100% recommend Anne’s TicTok 1000 For Midlife course to you who knows where it could take you and perhaps you could be voluntary sharing your story for Anne, in a few months time.

For more details of the next TikTok 1000 for Midlife course which runs from July 12- 26 see the link below.

Tiktok 1000 for Midlife 

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