Asking for help – is sometimes the hardest thing.

After all you are a strong woman, you are intelligent, capable and know your stuff.

You’ve also watched any number of YouTube videos showing you how it all works.

Yet – using tech, social media, making video reduces you to tears time and again, making you feel useless, out of touch and furious because as a business owner time is your most valuable asset.

So often though we fail to learn this lesson.

About nine months ago I tried to build a landing page on a well known piece of software – it wouldn’t work and I spent five days checking and rechecking determined that this wouldn’t beat me.

When eventually I sought help I discovered that it was nothing to do with me at all – there was a fault in the code of my account set up that only the Helpdesk could fix.

Yesterday at home my daughter was recording client yoga videos and it should have been straight forward.

But despite doing everything “right”, recording in the right resolution with the top of the range phone the end product was not up to scratch.

So I suggested we change the set up – to use a 4K webcam, we used studio lights and put a professional microphone into the mix.

Although the content was the same the quality of the two videos were like chalk and cheese. 

The result – was one very happy daughter, some high quality yoga videos and hopefully a happy client who will come back for more videos at a later date.

Time and again as business owners we think that one skillset will equip us for something that looks and sounds similar.

Like jumping from one social media platform to another. 

TikTok 1000 for Midlife

So many people think they know how to make short videos for Instagram so surely they will be able to work out how TikTok works.

But in the last six months TikTok has not only become the hottest social media app on the planet but it’s become so much more sophisticated too.

With the promise of new business related features in 2023 and algorithms on other platforms restricting content more brands are turning to TikTok.

So if you want to create a channel for 2023 doing it right the first time will make success so much more likely.

TikTok is where Facebook was in 2012 and Instagram in 2016 – can your business afford to ignore this opportunity?

That’s why I set up TikTok 1000 for Mid-life – a programme designed for business owners in mid-life to understand how to use the platform without having to dance, sing or lipsync.

TikTok Success for Midlifers

In the last year I have had clients who have launched and:

  • Received a million views overnight with their first video
  • A woman who wasn’t even sure she had a business but went viral and made sales with only the seventh video she’d ever made
  • A serial older entrepreneur who said she didn’t believe in viral or who didn’t believe it would happen to her – who from a standing start has now got 50 thousand followers and whose best video has 1.7million views
  • A professional educator who wasn’t sure about video but now has more than 3/4 million likes on her account

The thing about TikTok is that it makes the whole video thing simple – it celebrates authenticity and helps you connect with your audience rather than catching you out with a restrictive algorithm.

TikTok 1000 for Midlife will show you how to make the videos that your customers are looking for and optimise them for search and SEO so that you will show up not just on TikTok but potentially page one of Google too. 

This is the last time I will be teaching this TikTok 1000 for Midlife as a live course – it  runs from January 5 – 19. 

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