Who’d have thought something as British as a cool cucumber sandwich – could be the stuff of a viral video?
The foodstuff of balmy sunny afternoons, village cricket matches and posh Sunday teatimes in summer has turned into a TikTok sensation.
Jane Maylon’s cucumber sandwich video has 4.1 million views more than half a million likes and more than 7,000 likes.
TikTok has been a social media revelation for her English Cream Tea company bringing Jane 103k new followers and a whole new engaged community in just a matter of weeks.

So time to rethink your marketing strategy?

After signing up to my TikTok for Midlife course she discovered – that:
  • TikTok offers unbelievable organic reach
  • It gives businesses the ability to grow a highly engaged community quickly and easily
  • You can attract new audiences without the need to invest in expensive marketing, costly video production etc.
And some businesses have had such success that they are actually saving money by cutting advertising costs on other internet platforms.

Is TikTok reinventing social media?

TikTok is in so many ways reinventing social media and the way businesses tell stories and get their message across.
It might have started off as a platform for teenagers dancing and lip-synching but no longer.
Increasing numbers of businesses are starting to discover the platform and it’s transforming their audience and their income.
You can go viral with just one short video and literally have a completely new audience of millions.
Just think what sort of impact could that have on your business?
If you think your audience isn’t on TikTok – think again.
More than half of users are aged 30+ and most of the predicted growth on the platform for 2022 is expected in the 45+ age group.
That’s why I have created TikTok 1000 for Midlife which runs from May 9 – 23.
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