30 Days of Pictures30-Day Course

Improve your visual and photographic literacy. Enhance videos & photographs for social media & more.

Information :

Do you want to take better pictures for Facebook, social media your business? Do you want to grow your Instagram visibility? Do you want to improve your video or photography?

This 30-Day course will simply help you take better pictures on your smartphone by teaching you to “see the picture”.

It’s not technical, although there is some editing and according to former students it has helped them,  “change the way they see the world”. It’s also a lot of fun too.

The course includes:

  • How to understand your phone camera
  • Photographic rules
  • How to see a picture
  • Picture editing
  • Useful apps that make a difference
  • Flat lays
  • Business selfies
  • Visual stories
  • Instagram
  • There’s a weekly picture critique
  • Online community

Anne Gould


Anne Gould is a video journalist, writer and magazine/newspaper editor who for the last five years has been training entrepreneurs to use their smartphones to create powerful and professional videos to boost their online presence and create PR opportunities on television and in the mainstream media.

What People Are Saying…

Don’t just take my word for it! Here are some testimonials from previous course attendees.