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All Master the Digital Maze courses are practically based – you will be learning by doing. They include live or online sessions and are accompanied by an extensive library of video how-to’s and PDF guides that are available to download.

TikTok for Midlife - TIKTOK 1000

Video is the fastest way of building trust with a customer apart from actually being in the room with them.
So if you want to grow or scale your business in 2022 video is an essential cornerstone for reaching new audiences and making more sales.
While many businesses are using Reels and YouTube Short, the video platform of the moment is TikTok – is offering viral growth and massive potential for business. Full details below

YouTube Essentials - mini course

Master the basics of YouTube and YouTube Shorts – for tech-shy midlife business owners.

Are you a mid-life business owner who feels overwhelmed by technology and the idea of using YouTube for your business?

Have you been posting short video Reels and Tiktoks and realise that you also need to build a presence on YouTube?

This mini course (£27) will show you exactly how to set up your YouTube Channel and post optimised videos and YouTube Shorts to boost your business visibility

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Half Day VIP

A strategic growth session to learn new skills, a customised or content creation strategy helping you to take the next steps in messaging and communication across social platforms.

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Midlife Digital Mastery membership

Overcome the digital overwhelm for Video, Visibility and Business Growth

For tech-shy midlife women who want to grow their online business but feel overwhelmed by digital technology, social media and content creation.

Every new business wants to be seen, heard, be unforgettable and attract paying customers.

But – there’s just one thing you need to embrace, the ever-changing and demanding digital world.

And if you are a 50+ business owner having recently moved from a corporate or a professional career, it can seem overwhelming.

You don’t know which way to look or which bright young expert to believe.

And now there’s ChatGPT and artificial intelligence.

Everyone seems to talk a different language and so much of the information is delivered either too fast or with the assumption that you know all the tech basics.

Midlife Digital Mastery is a guide to not just understanding and planning video, content and social media, but a place where you can implement your strategy too.

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40 Free Video Content Prompts

Content ideas for all your social video - Reels on Facebook and Instagram, TikTok and YouTube

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