Could AI ChatbotGPT revolutionise all your business writing?

In the last week the internet has been awash with AI photography that transforms selfies into iconic art. 

You have probably seen it and at least pondered about shelling out a few quid to see what digital transformation could do for your looks.

Fetching and flattering the resulting images may be. But, there has also been another software release that potentially has the power to fundamentally change not just your appearance but everything about your business.

Instant Copywriting

A free open-source AI chatbot that instantly writes:

  • Blogs
  • Emails
  • Sales pages
  • Social media posts
  • Descriptions for Instagram
  • Essays
  • News articles (apparently)
  • Books
  • Legal documents
  • Code

#ChatGPT can also write those pesky video scripts – the ones you are using as an excuse for not growing your TikTok and YouTube channels!

It produces conversational content in seconds that is error free and readable too. 

​​There’s no hint of the clunky digital generated copy of old and the chatbot website has generated so much interest that it has been impossible to login at times in the last week.

Doubtless for some people it might sound like the answer to their copywriting prayers.

But it does more ….. if you are stuck on your fifth or sixth TikTok of the day, it will also come up with a stream of video content ideas too.

But this is artificial intelligence – how good is it really?

Not surprisingly, ChatGPT is a trending subject on TikTok right now. Some professional commentators – teachers, lawyers and writers are saying that as it develops further, it could eventually put them out of business.

They all reported that it produces “good enough” content at speed.

​​ In academic terms, the essays it can generate would score a C and a lawyer said it wrote a competent will that just needed a couple of adjustments.

The concensus seems to be that to get a convincing result you need to ask the right questions and follow ups.

Not surprisingly, entrepreneur and early-adopter Gary Vee is a fan and likens it to the start of the internet.

“This is AI done in a way that is really profound and you will be really blown away by it,” he says on Instagram.

So although ChatbotGPT is not perfect, the view seems to be that if this is what it produces now, how much better could it be in the future.


SEO experts have cautioned, however, that relying on this software to write blogs is not advisable, at least at the moment, as Google can detect content created with artificial intelligence and will throw it out as SPAM.

If you are prepared, to edit and tweak your script, content etc. and add appropriate keywords it might be a different story. 

Just think of the time you could save especially, if you regard business writing as a necessary evil.

What’s it like writing emails?

I put it to the test by asking it to write an email about my next TikTok 1000 for Midlife course. All I did was give it the course name.

Within 20 seconds, there was a fully formed email talking about why businesses needed to use the platform and if you wanted to learn about the course this was the next step.

It was basic but usable. Asking the software to add a few more details produced something that could certainly take away the headache of building sales funnels.

The software is free, but it could send you down a time-costly rabbit hole!

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