Content planning and generating ideas are at the heart of every marketing strategy.

So what do these high heel shoes say to you?

Do they fill you with joy – can you imagine wearing them to a posh party and walking across a sunlit room in the arms of your loved one feeling the world is your oyster?
Maybe you see yourself wearing shoes like this when you go on stage to accept that coveted business award or when your newbest seller is out and you are touring global capitals on a book launch.
Or these high heeled shoes could say ……

🔹women’s oppression
🔹foot pain
🔹you might have a visceral reaction to the colour yellow
🔹Or you might want to know how much they cost

What these gravity defying shoes have done is they have captured attention – and this is something most business owners struggle with.

How to post about the same subject without repeating yourself

This shoe example was part of my response to a question about content planning and how to write/make videos about the same subject in lots of ways that will engage your audience?
The question was asked by a woman who specialises in helping people overcome pain without medication – so I simply asked what causes people pain and the first thing I thought of was high heels!
Content planning ideas are something that many people seem to struggle with – and although there are lots of free guides being advertised, to a journalist’s eye they all pretty much have a cookie cutter approach.
I’ve spent a lifetime coming up with ideas, flipping ideas and turning on a pin because on an evening paper in the pre-internet ideas you had to work fast and stay ahead with rolling deadlines besides which we had a fearsome editor who changed his mind like the wind.


  1. Start with the image – not any old photograph but an image that communicates what you are trying to say. This is so important that it’s worth spending an afternoon once a month looking in image libraries and bookmarking the ones that resonate.
  2.  What’s current in your industry – what’s going to change – how will this work for your audience, how will it offer transformation.
  3.  Trends – what’s your audience talking about online – check out Pinterest or TikTok to find out where people’s attention is.
  4. What’s in the news – now I know a lot of people purposely ignore reading the news but by doing so you are potentially missing so many content ideas and PR opportunities too. Maybe your business addresses a problem that a celebrity has recently talked about – so write about that. Maybe you agree/disagree with something that has become mainstream – wearing masks, the end of lockdown, the consequences of lockdown. Currently a lot of hairdressers for instance are getting great content from before and after pictures.
  5. What are your customers asking. From your position as an expert there are things you take for granted and you forget that your customers don’t see it that way. Last week for instance, I was asked about the difference between a livestream and a pre-recorded video. The response was so good I even turned it into a video.
  6. Don’t just think about writing your ideas – does the subject work better as a video or as audio. Lots of piece to camera videos would work better as audio.


If you have a team and particularly if you work with creatives it’s worth having a content meeting because other people can really transform your ideas into something that is better than the original.
Alternatively if you have a closed group of people that you trust have a gentle discussion around a subject and see what comes up.



  • Without content you have no marketing, people won’t know about you or your business.
  • Without content people will sign up with your competitors because no matter how good you might be people won’t know you are there.
  • Without content you won’t hit your goals or reach your potential.
  • You may not even have a business.
A plan though allows you to create posts that are specifically targeted at your customer, they are time and platform specific.
It also gives you time to create and craft those posts, get the right image, add some sequences into your videos – rather than just knocking something out or doing a live.



Content and content strategy has been key to my whole professional life which is why it’s a key part of my new six-month programme which is launching this week.
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