The ChatGPT4 Dilemma: Should You Upgrade for Your Small Business?

These days, everyone knows about ChatGPT, the large language model generating endless content ideas and instant “magical” business copy for small businesses.

This AI tool has spawned a myriad of Facebook groups, courses, books, and instant “experts” who have probably been using it for about the same amount of time as everyone else.

Like all things new, it has divided opinion. Many business owners sit on the sidelines, concerned about privacy, theft of jobs, security issues, and the diminishment of human creativity.

Despite these concerns, ChatGPT and AI for small business are rapidly becoming interchangeable terms – think Hoover, Google, SuperGlue, Biro. This speaks volumes about its growing cultural impact.

Meanwhile, almost unseen, AI has been chipping away at favorite business tools like Canva, Notion, Slack, Otter, Descript, solving problems, saving time.

Consider this: if you’re a video maker, would you ever want to go back to the days when captions were created by hand?

The reality is that if you are using ChatGPT for content ideas and as a starting point for business copywriting, you’re not maximizing its full potential. It’s like driving a Ferrari at 29mph.

It’s good, but you’re just skimming the surface.

By upgrading to ChatGPT4, you open up a different world that could transform your small business. Here’s why: just like many of the apps we buy (and use maybe for just one feature), we often don’t fully realize what’s possible.

Five essential plugins for use with ChatGPT4 that can significantly benefit AI for small business.

1. Improving Your Website with SEO Core AI

Most small business owners invest a lot in their websites. However, unless you’re a website developer, it can be difficult to ensure your site is set up properly and optimised.

ChatGPT4 has a plugin called SEO Core AI that can provide you with the necessary insights. In an instant, it will show you load speeds, analyse your title and URL, assess your content, and suggest ways to improve your SEO.

2. Mind Maps and Diagrams with ShowMe Diagrams

Sometimes, information is more easily understood through a graphic or diagram.

ShowMe Diagrams, a plugin for ChatGPT4, can produce graphics and flow diagrams to help you visualise complex data or processes.

3. Perfecting Your Prompts with Prompt Perfect

How do you get the best answers from your AI tools? How do you get the answers that will give you the edge? The ChatGPT4 plugin, Prompt Perfect, is designed to help you optimize your prompts for more accurate and useful responses.

4. Gaining Video Insights

Besides being great for generating content ideas, ChatGPT4 can do something even more valuable for businesses: it can seek out insights about what works in your industry.

Video Insights, a ChatGPT4 feature, can help you with strategy, ideas, and SEO keywords that can significantly improve your online presence.

5. Automating Processes with Zapier

This last plugin, Zapier, could well be the future of your digital business. It can help automate all your business processes and even assist in creating apps, connecting various other tools with ChatGPT4 and automating a variety of tasks.

In the age of AI for small business, the real game-changer will be building apps and automations. And tools like Zapier, in combination with ChatGPT could be the key.

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